Why don't we get K-State License Plates in Georgia? Texas and Maryland have K-State Plates...

This is not a project that the Atlanta K-State Alumni Club is currently pursuing. For a Special Interest/Commemorative License Plate to be manufactured in the State of Georgia, 1,000 license plates must be requested (plus applications and manufacturing fees). We only have about 1,700-1,800 K-State Alumni in the entire state of Georgia. It just numerically doesn't make sense to take on this project.

Other than Missouri, Texas has the largest amount of K-State alumni outside Kansas in the United States. Maryland only requires a minimum of 25 people total in the organization for organizational license plates, and the fee is only $25.

I need to renew my K-State Alumni Association Membership. 
Great! You can join or renew online or by calling the K-State Alumni Association at (800) 600-ALUM (2586). The local club leadership is all volunteers, and we cannot accept any membership payments.

How do I know if my K-State Alumni Association Membership is current?
Although we usually get a new list every year of Atlanta-area alumni that includes membership status information, the best way is to contact the K-State Alumni Association at (800) 600-ALUM (2586). The wonderful staff at the Alumni Association can pull up your information quickly, and they have the most up-to-date information.

Do I have to be a member K-State Alumni Association to be a part of the Atlanta K-State Alumni Club?
Absolutely not! Although K-State Alumni Association membership is welcomed and encouraged, the Atlanta K-State Alumni Club is for all K-Staters, friends, fans and families.